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Patrick “Get Hype” Barry will make his much anticipated debut in the UFC on Dec 27th.

There is a big buzz in the MMA underground that Barry will be the best pure striker in the UFC heavyweight division. Barry has said he is not going to go out there to play it safe and try and squeak out a win, he is looking to explode onto the scene and get KO of the night. “If you aint gonna give it 2000% what’s the point!” Barry said, “Like master Yoda said, there is no “try”, you either do, or you don’t and I’m looking to put on a show!”.

Barry is also quick to recognize the fans, “Yes we are athletes but we are also entertainers and the fans like entertaining fights, without the fans we don’t have a job… and I like my job”. This all lends itself to Barry’s mantra of “Hype or Die”. He truly lives by this and tells us its all about being self motivated. Barry has a deep passion for trying to spread this message to get people to take charge of their own future or as he likes to call it, “unplugging from the matrix”.

When asked where he saw himself in 5 years Barry didn’t give the typical answer of being the world champ. Instead he says, “I want to be the worlds greatest teacher, I want to give back to the sport and develop more ambassadors to carry the torch for the sport”.

We asked Barry if he was ready for his debut this next week and he told us, “I have the best camp you can ask for, I have been ready, it’s showtime”.

With his opponent being Dan “The Viking” Evensen, we thought we would close this with Barry doing his impersonation of the infamous youtube video known as, “The Techno Viking”.

UFC 92: The Ultimate 2008 – Saturday, December 27, live on Pay-Per-View from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.



He really did kick his eyebrow off!?


  1. Phillip "The Wicked" Wyman says:

    December 19th, 2008at 1:11 pm(#)

    Very nice. Just kick him brother.
    Then take his soul!
    Be Wicked!!!!! Enjoy the moment.

  2. Phil Lanides says:

    December 19th, 2008at 1:25 pm(#)

    Dude…stick to fighting…PLEASE!

    Best of luck next week, bro. Light that Techno Viking up!

  3. Bartimus says:

    December 19th, 2008at 8:11 pm(#)

    You’re an animal bro, kick his butt and take his teeth. Get two for too.

  4. kyle HITMAN hannula says:

    December 20th, 2008at 12:46 pm(#)

    I have had the pleasure to learn from pat and i learned that if you talk with him all he does is make you want to fight and it doesn’t matter who it is. He motivates you to keep going and never quit and has a lot of heart for every one to help them be a better fighter.
    PAT GET A K.O. BABY!!!!
    HYPE OR DIE!!!!!

  5. J Davis says:

    December 20th, 2008at 1:59 pm(#)

    Yo what up Pat Barry! Man bust that dude A$$ bruh! Trav told me about the fight and we gon be watching at his crib. You on the big stage homie make people remember you and WIN. I just need 1 thing….Beenie Weenie when you WIN!!!! LMAO!

  6. Cousin Jon says:

    December 20th, 2008at 2:40 pm(#)

    Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! It’s almost showtime. Stay Hype cousin, Stay Hype. This is what I brought you, this you can keep.
    This is what I brought, you may forget me.
    I promise to depart, just promise one thing.
    Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. The world hasn’t seen a heavyweight who can do a spinning 720. I think the world is finally ready – 12/27/08 – witness HD.

    -Cousin Jon

  7. CrossFit-Milwaukee » Blog Archive » Swingin’ Annie says:

    December 21st, 2008at 12:10 am(#)

    […] Hey Gang, here’s another Pat Barry interview: […]

  8. Mickey G says:

    December 21st, 2008at 11:48 am(#)

    Alright… U just KSA on the 27th and the next time you come down we’ll get someone to work on that dancin with you, and we can find what we were lookin for in the Atl, my treat. Do it like we do it in the DIRTY SOUTH, Louisiana’s got your back. Warrior Mindset … HYPE OR DIE !!!

  9. chris haley says:

    December 21st, 2008at 4:43 pm(#)

    Can’t wait to see you destroy him in Vegas…where is the after party …throw me a wasup to section u221

  10. Mark J says:

    December 22nd, 2008at 11:06 am(#)

    It’s almost showtime…can’t wait to see you represent to the illest! QUADZILLA will rock the house!

  11. Nate says:

    December 22nd, 2008at 5:52 pm(#)

    I’ve seen that Pat Barry Techno Viking video like 10 times and I still laugh everytime I watch it.

  12. Bartimus says:

    December 22nd, 2008at 6:57 pm(#)

    wow!!! just saw the vid for the first time… is it cool if i use it for my next victory dance?

  13. Bartimus says:

    December 22nd, 2008at 6:58 pm(#)

    by the way forget fighting. start dancing bro, i would drop a buck if i was a chick 🙂

  14. Charlie says:

    December 23rd, 2008at 1:32 am(#)

    keith jardine imo

  15. tyburn says:

    December 24th, 2008at 6:54 pm(#)

    Best wishes Mr Barry 🙂

  16. Zach Davis says:

    December 25th, 2008at 12:22 am(#)

    Haha techno viking would be the best victory dance ever, especially with the finger wagging to start. Those leg kicks didnt look too fun either. Best of luck

  17. Pat Barry Knows How to Sell PPVs | Texas Testosterone Festival says:

    December 26th, 2008at 9:49 am(#)

    […] In comes Pat Barry, who will have me buying the next Pay Per View just for the CHANCE to see “the best pure striker in the UFC heavyweight division.” This dude talks in exclamation points at all times and if there is one thing that gets us excited for a fight, it’s exclamation points. […]

  18. gluc says:

    December 26th, 2008at 2:06 pm(#)

    hey PAT whats up my dude, best of luck to you my friends in your UFC debut guy i always knew you were going to moved on to big an better things in the fighting games…dont forget i’m still the king though, no all seriousness guy i would not want to be dan right about now…or anybody that has to fight.. best of luck guy knock him dead partner……

  19. blah says:

    December 27th, 2008at 3:28 pm(#)

    Go pat!

  20. Roby says:

    April 18th, 2011at 10:46 pm(#)

    Glad I’ve finally found smoheitng I agree with!

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