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Jeff Curran made it official on sunday at the grand opening of his new gym that he is going to drop down to 135lbs and go after the belt. He says he is excited to reinvent himself in this division and now with the most state of the art training center in the country in his pocket, he is ready to knuckle down and win the belt.

This potentially sets up an amazing hometown fight between Jeff and Miguel Torres. “I need to drop down and take a couple good fights at 135 and then if the stars align i would love to have a title shot right here in Chicago”. With Miguel being a native of the Chicago area this would create an very interesting dynamic for a title fight… two hometown legends clashing! We will keep you posted right here on who Jeffs first opponent will be at his new weight.


  1. bart says:

    August 12th, 2008at 10:32 pm(#)

    Man Curran you’re big for 135

  2. Tyburn says:

    August 14th, 2008at 4:58 pm(#)

    I dont know about “Stars aligning” but I think there are some increadibly exciting fights that could happen with Curran at 135lbs…perhaps in the future Pulver and Curran will both reign together…but in different divisions obviously.

    People are begining to get excited about WEC and the lower weight division over at MHForums where I spend most of my time…several people are VERY excited at the possibility of Torres/Curran 😛

  3. dan_z says:

    August 15th, 2008at 8:42 am(#)

    Oh man! That is going to be exciting as hell. I think Jeff is going to mop the floor at 135!

  4. bart says:

    August 17th, 2008at 10:08 pm(#)

    it’s gona have to be a small mop.

  5. Tyburn says:

    August 22nd, 2008at 1:43 pm(#)

    LOL, dont worry Bart, weigh-ins are taken into consideration PRE the addition of a mop, however large or small.

    But I think Jeff wont need a mop…that comes as standard in a fight, presuming he isnt fighting himself LOL

    I crack myself up 😛

  6. Big Frog says:

    September 6th, 2008at 8:15 am(#)

    weight is coming off good guys. down to 148 and still eating pretty decent. I am starting to shrink up. Just thought i would keep everyone in the loop.

  7. JIMMY says:

    September 6th, 2008at 9:11 am(#)

    Hey Jeff! Thanks for the update! I love the fact that you guys take the time to post on here. Your a beast at 145 and your going to be a monster at 135! I can’t wait! You never seem to get the respect your due but I recognize it and am a big fan! War Frog!

  8. Alan says:

    September 6th, 2008at 9:14 am(#)

    I just saw Big Frog was ranked number 8 in the 145 division… I wonder how they rank in 135? gotta be top 3 off the bat but I think you will be number 1 for sure.

  9. susie says:

    September 6th, 2008at 9:20 am(#)

    Jeff i can’t wait to see you fight at 135. Congratulations on your new gym as well! Train hard and we’ll see you in that belt. By the way you have fans here in Hawaii;)

  10. eddy says:

    September 6th, 2008at 9:28 am(#)

    thanks for the update Jeff! Great site! is suckerpunch a management company as well?

  11. Tyburn says:

    September 7th, 2008at 3:13 am(#)

    I’m glad to hear the weight loss is going well Jeff…honnestly…135lbs is like…teeeeeeny! I think you will do VERY well at the smaller weight….I LOVE how WEC is REALLY boosting the smaller guys…I hear they are folding the Middleweights and above completely. Now they have exceptional people 155lbs, 145lbs and 135lbs…I am begining to like WEC more then the UFC you know.

    I have one question though…because WEC have just cancelled next weeks show, and its now happening in November…does this mean that all events are now moved back a month? Will you have to wait longer to fight now…or are they just gonna squezze an extra card in??

  12. Charlie says:

    September 7th, 2008at 11:34 pm(#)

    Jeff I heard they are gonna have WEC action figures now by Jakks Pacific…are you gonna have one?cuz that would be sweet

  13. Big Frog says:

    September 8th, 2008at 9:27 am(#)

    I don’t think i have an action figure coming out….Yet!! but, i am sure if i perform as i plan i would be nominated next time around for a n action figure. The dec 3rd card will go on as planned, just the sept one is backed up. They won’t let no hurricanes get in the way of the rest of the schedule. as for rankinng at 135..i have to fight at that weight first before they can officially rank me.
    thanks guys

  14. Tyburn says:

    September 8th, 2008at 11:08 am(#)

    Well thats official, but in terms of fans, you dont need to fight at a weight category before you get ranked. Did anyone have any problem in thinking Sherk was entitled to the LW Title when it reopened…had he ever fought at that weight before? Did anyone think seriously that Anderson Silva or Rich Franklin were going to have any significant trouble moving up?

    Win one fight, and if they dont put you in for a title shot, or a number one contender contest…then I think, and I shall vocalize my dissagreement with them 😛

  15. Paul D. says:

    September 13th, 2008at 12:10 pm(#)

    How do you think your ground game compares to Torres? and how do you see this fight going?

  16. Jeff Curran vs. Miguel Torres? - Page 3 - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums says:

    September 13th, 2008at 1:10 pm(#)

    […] Originally Posted by mma-junkie really…bjj edge to curran…i hightly doubt this have u seen torres fight, this guy pulls subs out of his ass..on his back from the hes lanky whihc also helps him a lot also Curran has had over 150 BJJ matches and has only lost 6 times when he was a blue belt fighting at 170lbs… he has only been submitted 3 times in his career and those were also back in the early days and he was always rolling with much bigger guys… torres subbing jeff… nope. sombody posted a question to Jeff on the suckerpunch site about how he feels he compares to torres on the ground and how he thinks the fight would go.. im curious to see his answer… if you want to keep checking for it the link is: JEFF “BIG FROG” CURRAN AT 135LBS! :: SuckerPunch Entertainment […]

  17. Big Frog says:

    September 13th, 2008at 1:59 pm(#)

    man, its hard to say guys. i really respect Miguel but at the high Levels of BJJ it comes down to who plays the game better. In MMA, that changes even more. All i can say is Torres is a stud but i would never be worried about going to the ground with him. I am a solid black belt and i am as confident as i should be. Miguel is the same way. This is what makes our fight so interesting. NOt to mention we are good friends but because we have always known the possibility of this fight, we never trained together. I will prove myself at this weight then hopefully WEC gives me Torres when the time is right. I promise to deliver. As for someone thinking i couldn’t adapt to Hatsu Hioki in another sherdog thread, thats b.s. the guy was 6 feet tall and didn’t want to be on the ground with me. That was aparent. thanks for all the support guys and if you ever want any questions answered, just visit and i will be here.

  18. Jeff Curran vs. Miguel Torres? - Page 5 - Sherdog Mixed Martial Arts Forums says:

    September 15th, 2008at 10:31 am(#)

    […] Originally Posted by bfrito17 Why would he, thats where he’d want it, Torres has the reach advantage, Curran has the BJJ advantage i put that cuz Curran read this thread and answered someones earlier remark… did you read Currans response? Click here and scroll to the bottom. JEFF “BIG FROG” CURRAN AT 135LBS! :: SuckerPunch Entertainment […]

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